Sunday, February 15, 2009

Family Visit

Last week we had a fun visit from my parents, Danny and Lou, and my aunt and uncle, Rhonda and Wayne Ausk.  I just love when people come to visit for their vacation...I feel like I'm kinda getting a vacation, too!  Rhonda was a trooper coming out here after an emergency Appendectomy the week before.  We just took it easy on Monday and went for a hike up to Adams Falls in Grand Lake and took Truett sledding.  

One day of rest was all they needed before they took to the mountain for 3 full days of skiing.  I was able to join them for halfdays....which was plenty for me!
Truett, of course, was completely spoiled and was having a ball with people to entertain him all day!  

Rhonda ended up with a knee injury on the last day of skiing, but was still up for shopping the last morning, crutches and all.

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